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- Autopsy services by:

Forensic Pathologists, Pathologists' Assistants, Autopsy Technicians, Medicolegal Death Investigators

- Medical Record Reviews

- Autopsy Report completion (on a case by case basis)

- Private Autopsy

Primarily, FPS was founded in order to alleviate the increasingly high case numbers experienced by FPs all over the country. While this continues to be our primary focus, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to accomplish that. By providing board certified FPs, Forensically-trained Pathologists' Assistants, experienced Autopsy Assistants, and certified ABMDIs, we can help with any stage of the Death Investigation Process. Most commonly, offices prefer to have longevity & decide to bring someone in for 1-2 weeks/month. However, some offices opt to have a contractor work as little as 1-2 days/month or to cover vacations/conferences as needed. We also provide: 


While staffing is widely regarded as the biggest obstacle currently in Death Investigation, there are still multiple aspects that can improve or facilitate a more efficient work environment. FPS has been contracted to offer it's most experienced individuals, and take a deep look at the daily operations, management, and standard operating procedures of offices throughout the country. As national standards develop and improve, so should the way we incorporate those practices into our daily regimen. We believe in continuous development, and FPS uses a multi-disciplinary approach to accomplish that & offer solutions to our partners.


Throughout the years, we've spoken to many offices who are searching for cost-effective ways to provide their staff additional training. While not every county has the capability to send individuals to local/state/national conferences, they can benefit from having professionals come in & provide on-site training. For example, if your office has recently hired multiple new autopsy technicians, we can send you an experienced technician to educate/train them. This allows multiple individuals to receive the training, without the costs of sending staff elsewhere.


Feel free to reach out if you are experiencing any of the situations below: 

- Higher case load due to decrease in staffing or influx of population. 

- Reports from your staff of feeling 'overworked', 'burnt out', 'needing to take a break', etc. 

- Feeling like you need data/direction on how to advocate for higher salaries for your staff.

- If you are unable to send your staff to regional/national conferences, but still want them to receive training and updates. 


Have questions about how FPS would help you / your office? Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Las Vegas, Nevada

(702) 608-5375

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